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Banjito stories volume 1

posted 2019 Jul by

“She loves to read and does so often, but she doesn't like to write. The only time I have ever seen her write with joy is to Banjo.”

Julia and Zenobia

What’s the best way to introduce a magical globetrotting cat into your small person’s life?  How on earth will Banjo help with their reading, writing and general fun-having? These are great questions!  And we know you’ll be asking them internally (or out loud - we don’t judge those who talk to themselves) as you decide whether to take the plunge.  We love questions here at Banjo HQ, so we’ve asked some of our favourite Banjitos to share their stories, to give you a little more insight. 

The very first of these stories is the tale (or is it tail?) of Julia, who, despite not being a parent that engages much with make-believe, has truly entered into the spirit of Banjo.

How did you first hear about Banjo?

I first came across Banjo on a website that tells you about things that are available for free. They said that you had a free sample of your product to send out to people so I applied because we absolutely love letters. There is nothing better than getting a letter with your name on it as a child.

How did you introduce the concept of Banjo to your daughter?

I told my daughter absolutely nothing about Banjo, so it was a complete surprise. After her second letter I downloaded the Banjo story (which she read herself) and some Banjo images which I printed onto photography paper and posted them all to her. I also left a small sunflower on the doorstep with a little note from Banjo asking her to look after it for him as he travels so much.

“Her reaction to the first letter was priceless. It was the talk of the house for the whole week.”

That’s amazing! We think it’s fantastico that you’ve taken the trouble to print extra photos, and even leave Zenobia a Banjo gift!

How did she react to Banjo’s letters?

Her reaction to the first letter was priceless. It was the talk of the house for the whole week.

Who is Banjo?

Why did her pick her to write too?

How does he know so much about her?

Does he live near us?

Who are his cat friends/postal helpers?

Where will he go next?

She wrote her letter back straight away and she loves putting it under the sofa.

We don't do fiction things in our home; Father Christmas, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc so Banjo is a whole new world of imagination.

What has been you and your daughter’s favourite part of this so far?

She received a birthday card from Banjo last month. She thought that was amazing.

She loves to read and does so often but she doesn't like to write. The only time I have ever seen her write with joy is to Banjo.

Do you add a PS to the letters?

I think the P.S is what makes the whole experience worth doing. It personalises the experience and makes it feel real. She feels that her letters and questions are heard and answered.

If you’ve got a story to share, long or short, then get in touch with - we’d love to hear from you