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French Fancies

posted 2019 Jul by

Bonjour mes petits and welcome to the most cultured of blogs from this creative cat.  Wandering through the streets of Paris you can’t help but feel like the world of art, fashion and haute cuisine just seeps in through your paws (or pores for you bipeds).  The true highlight of my time here being my visit to the Louvre with Camille (a french bulldog with a better sense of style than Anna Wintour) and coming face to face with ‘La Joconde’. I lay around for hours in her company and found it very relaxing (ok, coming clean I MAY have had a quick catnap).
My next destination was Nice, a city on the coast by the Mediterranean Sea.  (It’s worth knowing that Nice is pronounced ‘neece’ which is a bit confusing as it was so very neece, I mean, nice, there).  One evening, I fell asleep in a cosy basket only to be awoken by the breeze whistling through my whiskers. It turns out that the basket was attached to someone’s bicycle!  We sped down country lanes and past fields of bright yellow sunflowers and pretty purple lavender. Having snaffled a few stems of lavender, I’m pretty sure those moths who’ve been hanging out in the darker recesses of my backpack are now on borrowed time.


It’s time to say au revoir, mes amis,  those chocolate eclairs won’t eat themselves.  I hope you enjoy your summer adventures as much as I do mine!

Your esteemed cat, 

Banjo x