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Hola from Peru!

posted 2019 Jun by


Dear Banjitos!

The cats back at Banjo HQ have suggested I embrace blogging! So, here we go - I've put my typewriter to one side for the afternoon, and I'm bashing this out on a keyboard instead! What I'm mainly discovering is how much quieter and LESS ANNOYING keyboards are, especially when you're writing on the banks of the very calm Lake Titicaca...

I've been sitting here all morning, nibbling on salted broad beans, and taking a well earned rest from all the trekking I've been doing in the beautiful Peru.

Lake Titicaca

I arrived here on Monday, and headed straight for MACHU PICCHU – a spectacular mountaintop city built by the Inca people around 600 years ago!

Machu Picchu

I've also met a long-haired Guinea Pig called Luna (apparently she had been in my bag all the way from Lima - the capital of Peru),  I hadn't realised guinea pigs were so talkative, but it turned out to be a good thing, as she taught me some handy phrases in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, which are the three main languages spoken here.  For one thing, I’ve learned how to say, ‘I’m a guinea pig called Luna and I’ve been in your bag since Tuesday.’ Which is a mighty useful phrase to know, if you ask me!

I must be off now, because an orange-winged parrot has just landed next to me and I’m going to ask him to fly Luna back to Lima.  She can’t live in my rucksack forever (even if it IS full of delicious snacks!).

Will you write me a letter and tell me if you've found any Guinea Pigs in your backpack recently?!


Your cat pal, 

Banjo Robinson