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Taking it easier in Indonesia

posted 2019 Jul by

More technologically advanced cats than me inform me that my previous blog post is making waves across the interweb so I’m continuing on.  I mean, it’s hard work being this in demand but luckily I’m currently lounging under a palm tree in Bali so that’s making up for it. I’m actually recovering right now as I almost burnt my paws hot footing it across the black sands of the beach here - those volcanoes make for fascinatingly sparkly, but paw meltingly hot beach surfaces.  

As you’ll know if you’re following me on social media (you are following me there aren’t you?  I’d be so sad if you weren’t), earlier in the week I took a ferry to another island called SUMATRA and met a very kind orangutan called Susi. Orangutans are great apes with shaggy orange fur and amazingly long arms. Susi’s baby clung onto her tummy whilst she showed me around (I wish I’d been able to cling onto her too as she made fast progress through the canopy and it was hard to keep up - even for an athletic cat like me!).  Orangutan means ‘person of the forest’ in Indonesian. I’d better learn the word for ‘cat of the forest’ soon - I absolutely love it here! Susi has been showing me how to swing from branch to branch (it’s one of the orangutan’s greatest talents!) As you know, Banjo loves to climb trees, but I’ve never hung upside down by my tail and flung myself between them before! 

I’ve also been learning all about the many animals and plants that live in the Sumatran forest. I even saw a gigantic RAFFLESIA, which is the world’s largest type of flower (wider than your whole head!).  However, when I got up close, I noticed that they didn’t smell very nice. In fact, they were INCREDIBLY STINKY. Probably best I stick to picking catnip like an ordinary puss.

Right,  I’d better go as an orchestra of mynah birds have just started playing some traditional ‘gamelan’ music and I can’t keep my back paws still. Time for some dancing, I think!

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers sometimes (but only the nice ones!).

Your most intrepid cat pal, 

Banjo x