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Anaya's Map of Places That Sound Interesting

posted 2017 Oct by

Anaya! I just got back from the Rainbow Falls and they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I took lots of pictures but none of them did it justice. (I think your drawing is very true to life though.)

After I left the Falls, I went to the Fruit Forest Cafe and would you believe it, they were completely out of pineapples!!! I love pineapples so this was not good news and I'm afraid I took it badly. Luckily, a stroll in Green Valley cheered me up no end - mainly because it was extremely windmilly there. I thought your windmill windmilled especially well. Thank you so much for showing me how to get there, I would have been completely lost without your map!

Much obliged,


PS. What do windmills actually do? Do you know?

Anaya's Map of Places That Sound Interesting