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Genevieve's first letter to Smash Robinson

posted 2017 Oct by

Genevieve! I saw the paw print next to your name and I thought for a moment that a cat was writing to me! But as I am a very smart cat, I QUICKLY realised my mistake, and now of course I can see that it is YOU, GENEVIEVE who have drawn me this wonderful picture.

Well, first things first, I am extremely relieved that ruby sparkly red is your favourite colour, as that's my exact favourite colour too, and I just think you generally can't go wrong with a 'ruby sparkly red' person. That's what I've always found, anyway.

Secondly, I noticed that you described the ocean as 'sapphire blue'. I think you have a brilliant way with words - am I right in thinking that you must be a semi-professional author? How many books have you written? Did you get a good publishing deal? Regardless, it's very impressive to be such a talented writer at 8 years old - well done!

Thanks so much for the map. I love the dolphins and the fact that when I visit them I will be in Madagascar - I've always wanted to go to Madagascar!

Alright, well, they're calling my name for din-dins now, so I better sign off. Thanks again for writing. I'm going to Iceland tomorrow, I'll drop you a line from there.


Your cat friend,

Smash Robinson

Genevieve's first letter to Smash Robinson